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Taiwanese bank wins 2017 eASIA Awards

CTBC Bank wins the gold prize for data driven value creation at the 2017 eASIA Awards
CTBC Bank wins the gold prize for data driven value creation at the 2017 eASIA Awards
Taiwanese bank wins 2017 eASIA Awards

(中央社訊息服務20170920 15:40:55)The CTBC Bank garnered award at the 2017 eASIA Awards on Sept. 12 for its achievement in data driven value creation, making the nation’s only winner this year.

The CTBC Bank noted that the eASIA Awards is an important competition held by the Asia Pacific Council for Trade Facilitation and Electronic Business (AFACT) biennially. This year, the competition has included FinTech industry in its categories for the first time, and a total of twelve teams from five Asian countries, including five from Taiwan, had made the finalist.

The top prize is in recognition of CTBC Bank’s project of big data exploration platform, which is to create more commercial values and establish potential digital application scenarios through deep data mining.

In addition, the CTBC Bank has represented Taiwan to participate in the 2017 World Congress on Information Technology (WCIT) under the banner “Sharing the Future of Banking.” With support and guidance of the Financial Supervisory Commission and the Central Bank, the CTBC bank showcased Taiwan’s FinTech innovation and future prospect of Bank 3.0 at the international event.

Taiwan’s FinTech innovation is affirmed internationally while the bank’s efforts in developing big data also draw the world’s attention. Friedman Wang (王俊權), head of CTBC Bank’s Global Retail Credit Risk Management Division noted that the bank pointed out the “data is the new oil field” concept to state that the one who extracts new value first from the oil field could steal a march in the industry.

The Data Analysis Transformation project that wins the award this time is the foundation for developing big data which will be applied to the bank’s products and services, such as the i-loans (i適貸), the Smart Go (智動GO), and the Loan Application Online Platform (線上申貸平台).

The i-loans is a platform offering mortgage quote calculating service. By entering the address and features of the property on the platform, it will calculate quotes at current rates immediately.

The Smart Go, on the other hand, offers investment services to help customers with funds, loan calculating and online insurance.

As for the Loan Application Online Platform, the bank will continue optimizing the service to provide assistance in 30 minutes for the customers who need fund procurement urgently.

With the goal of becoming a leader of Bank 3.0 in Taiwan, the bank stated that it will utilize data and digital technology to provide customers the best financial services and continue to enhance automation, electronation and digitization in its operation management.

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